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Alden Snuff Suede Indy Boot

Frankly, there are too many amazing Alden models to fully appreciate the diversity that the Alden factory can put out. The amazing thing about footwear, is that the aesthetic of a boot or shoe...


Alden Cigar Indy Boot

Probably Alden’s most famous make-up has to be their Indy Boot. The Boot made famous due to Harrison Ford wearing them for the Indiana Jones adventure series of movies. The Indy Boot is a...


The Essential Three: Streetwear

This is the third posting in my Essential Three Posts, a short series of posts on the three Aldens that you should get given your typical dress attire. Although Alden makes absolutely classic dress shoes, their...


Alden Ultimate Indy Boot

The Ultimate Indy Boot, that is a pretty tenacious statement for Leather Soul to make. What makes this boot the Ultimate Indy Boot? Is it the boot that Indiana Jones would dream about?


Alden Whiskey “Indy” Boot

After a roughly two to two and a half year wait after I first contacted Alden of Madison, the highly sought after and seldomly made Whiskey Shell Cordovan “Indy” Boots have arrived. These special...