2023: The Year of Refinement

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  1. ShawnC says:

    Impressive as always Mr. Mayor. Congrats on some really rare and unique pieces that were added to your collection. And again, thanks for the work you do on this incredibly enjoyable site.

  2. S Portis says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for sharing your passion with us! I’m drooling over Alden’s again after a hiatus due to the need for an orthotic friendly shoe for the past few years (fortunately for about 4 years, Sperry made some fairly nice though “disposable” dress shoes with a very comfortable removable insert that I could swap with a custom orthotic in one shoe, which they’ve now stopped making).

    Since my foot is better thinking i could get back to some nice shoes again. My question to you is this: What lasts are more generous in the toe box in the Alden line? I would imagine you know a lot about the different lasts given your expertise.

    • Mike says:

      Good Morning S Portis, I am sorry to hear about your foot woes, but glad to hear that you are on the mends!

      The most generous Alden lasts in the toe box would be the Barrie and TrueBalance Lasts. I would recommend that you also look into their more orthotic Lasts such as the Modified and 379x Lasts. Moulded Shoe in New York City has a healthy offering of shoes on those lasts as they focus on Orthotic shoes.

      I hope that helps and best of luck!!!


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