Category: New Additions

Recent additions to Mike’s boot and shoe collection.


Alden Ravello PT Boots

The Plain Toe design has long been the ultimate way to showcase Shell Cordovan. It is free of any distractions, like lines, perforations or hand stitching that distracts from the sheer glory of the...


Alden Color #2 PT Boots

Color #2 Shell Cordovan. You can pretty much stop right there and you know you are in for an absolutely exclusive treat. Color #2 is amongst the least commonly produced shades of Horween Shell...


Alden Ravello Tassel Loafer

Alden’s Tassel Loafers are about as good as a Tassel Loafer can get. That isn’t too much of a surprise provided that Alden invented the Tassel Loafer back in the 1950’s. Alden has a...


Alden Color #2 Longwing Blucher

There are some posts that I can never envision writing. Color #2 Shell Cordovan??? From Alden??? Color #2 Shell Cordovan hasn’t been offered by Alden since 2014! And there were only two instances made...


Alden Color #2 Jumper Boots

Well holy cow!!! A Color #2 Shell Cordovan Jumper Boots! A statement that I never thought that I would ever make. Color #2 has only been seen once before, back in 2014 and was...