Category: New Additions

Recent additions to Mike’s boot and shoe collection.


Alden Snuff Suede Indy Boot

Frankly, there are too many amazing Alden models to fully appreciate the diversity that the Alden factory can put out. The amazing thing about footwear, is that the aesthetic of a boot or shoe...


Whiskey Shell Tassel Loafer

Alden’s Tassel Loafers are about as good as a Tassel Loafer can get. That isn’t too much of a surprise provided that Alden invented the Tassel Loafer back in the 1950’s. Alden has a...


Cigar “Dress” Cap Toe Boot

Alden’s Cigar’s Cap Toe Boot from Alden of Washington D.C. is one of the absolutely quintessential Alden special models, in fact, it made my Essential 3 Exotics Edition recommendations. So, why or how would...