Category: New Additions

Recent additions to Mike’s boot and shoe collection.


Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan PTBs

There is just something special about Ravello Shell Cordovan. Whether it is the medium brown shade or it is the red undertone, there is just something special about it. Besides being a cool sounding...


Alden Choco Suede V-Tip Boots

One of my long standing favorite pair of boots have been my Choco Suede Tanker Boots that I got many years ago from Alden Madison. There is just something special about that model, between...


Alden Milkshake Suede Unlined Tassels

The original tassel loafer, often duplicated, never replicated. If you study the history of footwear, you will learn that Alden invented the Tassel Loafer for a discerning customer many decades ago. It has since...


Alden Color #8 Unlined Dovers

Ever wonder what a Shell Cordovan dream Blucher would feel like? Well, you really do not need to look any further than these ultralight Color #8 Dovers made by Brick and Mortar. These dreams...