Category: New Additions

Recent additions to Mike’s boot and shoe collection.


Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan NST Monk

Sometimes all of the elements just come together to make the perfect thing. This pair of shoes would have to fit into that category. These shoes pair five basic Alden essential design elements; the...


Alden Color 8 Alt Wien Boot

One of my favorite haberdasheries clearly has to be Epualet. Frankly, I first learned about Epaulet through my Alden brand discovery and outreach, but Epualet has become a lot more to me than just...


Alden Whiskey U-Tip Blucher

It is not every day that you get an extremely special pair of Alden’s. However, the day that I received these, was one of those unique days. This is a slight twist of a...


Alden Raven Ryden Boot

Frankly, I am not a huge fan of Plain Toe Boots. If you browse my collection, I really don’t own a Plain Toe Boot (I sold the Ravello Plain Toe Boot, if you look...


Alden Cigar Norwegian Split Toe Bluchers

Alden’s Norwegian Split Toe (NST) design is just truly beautiful and provides a lovely handmade look to their models. They offer the NST design on a variety of different models and Lasts. This special...


Alden Whiskey Plain Toe Blucher

The Plain Toe Blucher (PTB) is about as classic of a shoe as one can find. It is simple, clean and very dynamic. Alden’s actually offer’s two different types of PTBs, the “Wholecut” and...