Category: New Additions

Recent additions to Mike’s boot and shoe collection.


Alden Whiskey Shell Tassel Loafer

This is a truly special tassel loafer. It was made exclusively back in 2011 for BEAMS in Japan in order to recognize their 35th Anniversary. It is a truly remarkable makeup and features Whiskey...


Alden Color 8 Plaza Tassels

To be honest, I actually can’t believe that I am writing this article. I personally already own a Color #8 Shell Cordovan Tassel Loafer. I also have their Cigar Tassel Loafer. So, why am...


Alden Ravello NST Bluchers (2018)

After several years of waiting, I have finally had the opportunity to re-acquire one of my favorite shoes, the Ravello Norwegian Split-Toe (NST). I needed to re-order because my previous pair, which I sold...


Alden Brass Whiskey Tanker

It is pretty hard to beat Alden’s amazing Tanker Boots. The combination of the Hand Stitching with the combined heft of the Boot Size and the Barrie Last is hard to top. However, make...


Alden Cigar Cap Toe Balmorals

The Cigar Cap Toe Balmoral is a pretty cool shoe. Honestly, it falls in a slightly weird place in the shoe world, as it has the utmost formality of a Cap Toe Balmoral, but...