Store Spotlight: Alden of Carmel

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  1. Michael says:

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for the great post of Alden of Carmel. I really read your article very well and am so pleased to become aware of how the Alden of Carmel starts off their business and who Adam is. I also purchased a pair of Alden shoes, Black Shell Cordovan Chukka boots, from the shop with the help of Adam last year. That’s why I’m very impressed to your post.
    Once again, it is absolutely imformative and I am going to become a bigger fan of Alden shoes, especially Alden of Carmel.


  2. Dennis says:

    I’m a dear friend of Adam’s mother Barbara. Left her wonderful city in 2013, but we’re always in touch. Heard of your business often; rom mom od course. Congratulations on your success over the years; they’re incredibly beautiful shoes to boot!

  3. Steve says:

    Such an interesting and informative series!!! Can’t think of a better store to kick this off. I am truly amazed by Adam’s passion towards Alden!! And you too, Mike!!

  4. Grant says:

    Mike, what a great idea and a great post in this series. I think AoC is the perfect first post subject on this topic and it was very interesting read on Adam and the store’s history and relationship with Alden shoes!

  5. Ravi says:

    Great article!
    Fascinating to learn the history behind these fine names that have helped over the years, to promote Alden to where it is today.

  6. Jorge says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful article! My first Alden purchase experience was with Adam. Adam is a gentleman and a great Alden expert. During my first Alden purchase experience – a Kudu 405 boot – Adam explained everything I needed to know about Alden boots. Now, due to Adam’s enthusiasm, I own 11 pairs of Alden boots. Thank you, Adam! Thank you, Mike! Very Respectfully, George

  7. Luis Martinez says:

    I’ll be traveling to San Diego next month, I’d like to buy one or two pairs of shoes
    Please let me know your adress . LM

  8. James Fluker says:

    Do you carry the Corodovan Cap -Toe Boot ?

  9. Ron Anderson says:

    Recently ordered a pair of Alden Indy boots through Adam and Alden of Carmel. What a great ordering experience, Adam answered my questions and also asked the right questions to help me get the right fit. Reading this article was very informative and bolstered my decision to place my order with Adam. I really enjoy your site, thanks!

    • Mike says:

      Hey Ron, glad that you had a great experience with Adam! He is a great guy and will make sure that he takes good care of you!


  10. Shawn says:

    Probably the 3rd time I’ve read this and it gets more enjoyable each time. Adam is amazing at what he does and you’ve done an excellent job of capturing it. Nicely done Mike.

  11. Cathern says:

    Superb, what a weblog it is! This web site gives
    helpful data to us, keep it up.

  12. Fausto says:

    Available cigar cordovan D5911 size 11 how much to ship plus boot value

    • Mike says:

      Good Afternoon Fausto, unfortunately I am not a retailer and do not carry an inventory other than my personal collection. Those boots specifically were made by Alden Madison, I would suggest that you become acquainted with them and then inquire about the above boots. Thanks!


  1. October 29, 2017

    […] as an Alden exclusive retailer now for 20 years, how do you capture this monumental occasion? Well, Adam Knott of Alden of Carmel shot for the stars and came up with one of the most unforgettable makeups in Alden’s history. […]

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