Alden Cigar Norwegian Split Toe Loafer

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  1. Steve F. says:

    “This is just a phenomenal model done by Alden and just showcases their magnificent hand stitching that they do on some of their special models” <– So True!!

    So which do think it's the most comfortable? The Full straps, LHS or the grant NST mocs?

    • Mike says:

      Oh wow, that is a very difficult question. As most know, I have a longer, narrower foot. The Aberdeen is Alden’s longest and narrowest last, most closely mimicking an “A” (of all of Alden’s lasts). The Aberdeen Last is probably the most comfortable last for me when I get it in my size, 11B. Therefor I would technically have to go with the Full-Straps and Tassel loafer. However, I really haven’t had a chance to wear these NSTs for much more than a minute, so the jury is out on the Grant Loafers… Thanks for the thoughtful question!


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