The Essential Three: Business Wear

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  1. Tony tlobo53 says:

    I like you new posts. You are spot on with your essentials collection. Most of my slacks (especially suits) are cuffed. However, when I wear straight legged suit slacks, you can not beat NST Alden’s.

    • Mike says:

      Hah, thank you very much! Yeah, I seriously considered going with the Black Shell NST Blucher for #1, but most would not consider a Blucher a proper dress shoe, so I decided to go with the Balmoral.


  2. Tlobo53 says:

    I have and love them both. You are correct the Balmoral is the more appropriate for dress. Just love the look of the NST. It is unique and I get more compliments with that pair. Folks just do not see that style as often. Can not go wrong either way.

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