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The King of the Wing

If Alden’s Color 8 Shell Cordovan is the “King” of colors, then I would propose that the Longwing Blucher is the “King” of the Wingtips. The now stock, Alden 975 (Color 8 Longwing Blucher)...


Alden Whiskey “Indy” Boot

After a roughly two to two and a half year wait after I first contacted Alden of Madison, the highly sought after and seldomly made Whiskey Shell Cordovan “Indy” Boots have arrived. These special...


Alden “Brassvello” LWB

I wanted to start off my blog by highlighting my favorite pair of Alden’s within my collection to date. That would be what I now call my “Brassvello” LWB. It is essentially the traditional...