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Alden Ultimate Indy Boot

The Ultimate Indy Boot, that is a pretty tenacious statement for Leather Soul to make. What makes this boot the Ultimate Indy Boot? Is it the boot that Indiana Jones would dream about?


Alden Black Shell Perf-Tip Balmoral

The Black Cap Toe Balmoral is the quintessential dress shoe. In fact, there is an entire StyleForum Thread dedicated to this very topic. Every man should have a Black Cap Toe Balmoral for the...


Alden Black Shell Semi-Brogue Balmoral

I have always found myself attracted to the elegance and formality of the Semi-Brogue Balmoral pattern. The clean lines of a balmoral combined with a nice brogue pattern and the medallion cap toe has always...


Alden Cigar Shortwing Blucher

Crockett and Jones makes an absolutely superb Shortwing Blucher called the Marlow for Ralph Lauren. I have now owned two pairs of the Marlow and despite it being an absolutely beautiful shoe, I could...


Welcome to New York

I have now had the opportunity to travel to New York City a few times of the past 12 months and thought that a post on visiting the various Alden and higher end shoe...


Alden Cigar Cap Toe Boot

After a several year wait, I have finally received my pair of Cigar Cap Toe Boots. These beautiful boots are amongst the family of Cap Toe Boots made by Alden of Washington D.C. Kathy...


The Alden Welt Options

The welt is the strip of leather that runs along the edge of the outsole that is the attachment point between the outsole and the strip of canvas (gemming) that is cemented to the inside of...