Alden Whiskey “Indy” Boot

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  1. Shawn says:

    Probably getting tired of hearing this Mike, but an incredible blog. Man, where do you find the time?

    I don’t know if you have experience with topy’s, but on the small chance that you don’t, let me offer a little advice. First, its a no-brained for me, I topy all of my non-commando/non-crepe Alden and AE shoes. It definitely helps with uneven toe wear, better in inclement weather, and extends the life of the soles far beyond the $25 investment. The great thing about doing this with lighter color shoes, is that most reputable cobblers have topys in a light brown or tan color. It’s a perfect match for whiskey and ravello. Two things to watch out for, the lighter color topys come in 2 degrees of thickness. Get the thinner ones. The thicker ones are slightly visible when looking at the shoes and this can take away from the appearance of the shoes. Second, and most importantly, if you have never had topys installed by your cobbler, be sure to warn home not to touch the edging of the shoe. Sometimes they want to be ‘helpful’ and clean up the edging by adding polish and/or dye. They will change the beautiful antique edging on your whiskeys to brown. As long as you let them know not to touch the edging, you’ll be fine.

    Again, great blog!!!!

    • Mike says:

      Hey Shawn, thank you soo much for your comment!!! I do appreciate the positive reinforcement on making the Blog!

      I also very much appreciate the info on the Toppy’s. To date, only my Unlined Whiskey LHSes have Toppys on them, and I wasn’t the one to do that, I bought them used with them. I actually (at least to my surprise) really like them! And despite being a Black Toppy, they are not noticable…

      What I was thinking of doing, was adding a Toppy to my Brand New Color 8 LHSes that I just got yesterday as a test before adding them to my Ravello NST Boots and Whiskey Indy’s. It will let me give a cobbler a chance before bringing out the big guns… 😀

      Thanks again and appreciate it!


  2. Jasper says:

    Are these for sale?

    • Mike says:

      Unfortunately, no, these are a part of my personal collection and I am not looking to sell them at this time or in the foreseeable future.


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