Whats in a Last? The Soul of the Shoe.

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  1. Jerry says:

    How can I identify Last model through numbers or letters inside the shoes?

    • Mike says:

      Jerry, unfortunately there is no way to know from the model number which Last it is made on. The only way to find out for sure is to see if you can find a credible reference or contact Alden’s general inquiry E-mail address… general@aldenshoe.com.


  2. Robert says:

    Hi Mike,
    Can you comment on the length and width of the Plaza last vs. other lasts? I love the soft-square look, but would like to know if it’s a good fit for me. I measure, on the longest foot, something like 10 3/4 and C on the Brannock. Thank you.

    • Mike says:


      Gladly, the Plaza Last is one of Alden’s True-To-Size Lasts. It’s shape is wide in the back and middle of the Last with a tapering coming up to the front. Since you are like. 10.75C, I would suggest that you try starting with an 11B, you may find that that wraps nicely around your foot. If that doesn’t work well, try the 11C if to small or 10.5C if to big. I would try some of the biggest shops (SF/DC/Madison/ShoeMart) to see if they have those sizes in stock in any model to just try it on.

      Hope that this helps!


  3. graham waller says:

    Hey, I have a shoemart plaza color 8 3938 9 eyelet cap toe, gorgeous boot, great fit 11D. Also have an alden x lost and found trubalance indy commando color 8, antique, that is bigger in the toe box, but no heel slip, feels great, but definitely has some toe room. I just figured, different last, more space by design, no need to size down, maybe could have gone 11c or 10.5 d. Just ordered grant last black shell cap toe boot, 11d, expecting it to fit nicely..
    Barrie 11d was too long and a bit wide in wingtip i tried on.

    Shoemart said to match the plaza size with the trubalance size, only size down for barrie and modified.

    My question: Just found the last black cxl indy commando and it’s 10.5d trubalance at alden carmel, since I am just fitting the 11d trubalance shell, couldn’t I probably fit the 10.5 cxl indy as well?

    • Mike says:


      First, I am glad to hear that you were able to get the ShoeMart’s 3938 (Color #8 Medallion Cap Toe Boot on the Plaza Last). I have a pair of them in both Color #8 and Black Shell Cordovan and it is just a classy boot.

      Unfortunately, it appears that you were given poor advice on the Trubalance Last. The Trubalance Last is actually Alden’s most generous last and nearly everyone goes the exact same size on the Barrie and Trubalance that I am aware of and that is a half of size down from your True to Size or a True to Size Last. Since you are an 11D and have a great fit on the 3938, my recommendation for you would be to go 10.5D on the Trubalance and Barrie Last.

      The Grant and Tremont Lasts are “tweeners” and folks go either way, with a recent majority sticking to their True to Size.

      Given all this background, you should be good to go on the 10.5D Indy form Alden of Carmel.

      Best of luck and hope that this helps!!


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