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Alden Color 8 Plaza Tassels

To be honest, I actually can’t believe that I am writing this article. I personally already own a Color #8 Shell Cordovan Tassel Loafer. I also have their Cigar Tassel Loafer. So, why am...


Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan Leisure Handsewn

Alden makes an absolutely outstanding Penny Loafer with their LHSes. It is stocked regularly in Color #8 and Black Shell Cordovan and a variety of other leathers. Occasionally, a vendor offers this classic American staple...


Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Tassel

The Alden Tassel Loafer. It is hard to beat the original. I absolutely love this model. My very first pair of Alden’s was the Color #8 Tassel Loafer. It fits me tremendously, when I...