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Alden Cigar Wingtip Boots

The Alden Wingtip Boot is an absolutely glorious thing to behold. Many other makers make Wingtip Boots, but no one gets the proportions down as perfectly as Alden does. This Cigar Wingtip Boot made...


Alden Color #8 Medallion Cap Toe Boot

Good things sometimes come in multiples. This is definitely one of those times… I received these boots, what I like to call the “Semi-Brogue Boot” in both Color 8 Shell Cordovan and Black Shell...


Alden Ultimate Indy Boot

The Ultimate Indy Boot, that is a pretty tenacious statement for Leather Soul to make. What makes this boot the Ultimate Indy Boot? Is it the boot that Indiana Jones would dream about?


Alden Cigar Cap Toe Boot

After a several year wait, I have finally received my pair of Cigar Cap Toe Boots. These beautiful boots are amongst the family of Cap Toe Boots made by Alden of Washington D.C. Kathy...


The Citi Tanker

One of the Alden classic boots has become the “Tanker” Boot. The Tanker Boot refers specifically to a Norwegian Split Toe (NST) Boot made around the Barrie Last. Why it is called the Tanker...


Alden Whiskey “Indy” Boot

After a roughly two to two and a half year wait after I first contacted Alden of Madison, the highly sought after and seldomly made Whiskey Shell Cordovan “Indy” Boots have arrived. These special...