LWB: Longwing Blucher
SWB: Shortwing Blucher
AWB: Alt Wien Blucher
PTB: Plain Toe Blucher
LHS: Leisure Hand Sewn (A Penny Loafer)

What are the numbers on the inside of my shoe?

The numbers consist of the model number, size, and the run number. More information in the spoiler.

Decomposition of the Numbers Inside Aldens

The numbers visible here are 10 A/C, 6717, and 2K29 029 3.

  • The 10 A/C is the size (So these are 10C). Alden uses what is called “split” lasts, which have a size the denote the width at the widest part of the shoe and the heel.
  • The 6717 is the model number and in this case corresponds to the Cigar Shell Cordovan Leisure Hand Sewn.
  • The 2K29 029 3 is the run number and it is composed of 3 parts, the date, the order number and the pair number.
    • The 2K is the date that the pair was started.
      • The 2 means that this pair was made in a year ending in 2; 2012, 2002, 1992, 1982, etc. Alden apparently felt that one digit years was sufficient fidelity.
      • K is the month in which the shoe was started. I believe that K would be the 11th month. We now know that Alden stamps their shoes based upon their Fiscal Year, which runs from November (A = November) until October (L = October)
      • Therefor this pair, with a stamp of 2K, was started in September (of 2012).
    • The 29 029 is the order number that the vendor submitted to the factory. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this at all.
    • The final digit(s) separated by a space is the pair number. This happens to be pair #3. This can be one or two digits depending upon where your pair fit in the run. These should match between your two shoes, otherwise you have a mismatched pair!

Why do they call it the Indy boot?


Did Alden invent the Tasseled Loafer?

It has been claimed that Alden invented the Tassel Loafer for Paul Lukas.

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