Shell Care Products

I use pretty basic supplies for my shoe care.

  • I use a horsehair brush (I am cheap and buy the Allen Edmonds brushes). I use a separate brush for each color in order to avoid dye spill over. I do use the same brush for very similar colors (i.e. Alden Ravello vs. Carmina Cognac vs. Allen Edmonds Walnut Shell).
  • I use cotton cloths (again, I just use the Allen Edmonds cloths, cheap and work fine). I do maintain at least 2 cloths per each color, one for basic care and one for paste waxing.
  • Alden Paste Wax
    • Black for Black Shell
    • Color 8 for Color 8 Shell
    • Brown for Cigar Shell and Ravello Shell
    • Tan for Whiskey Shell
  • Abbeyhorn Deer Bone (mine is from Leffot)
  • Alden Leather Defender
  • Allen Edmonds Heel & Sole Edge Dressing
    • Black for Black Shell and Color 8 (standard edges)
    • Natural for the Dark Antique (more properly referred to as Mahogany).