Alden FAQ

I hope that this posting will help the new Alden Fans to find and enjoy some of the finest foot wear in the men’s footwear. This post has been transferred from the collective wisdom of “The Official Alden Thread” on Styleforum, other web sources, and talking to retailers. With special thanks to @borderline@Bakes11771 and @mdubs (me).

For ease, this Frequently Asked Questions, has been decomposed into three main sections, one for before you have bought your Aldens, one for those who have purchased their shoes, and a page of miscellaneous factoids and information.

  1. Before Buying Your Alden’s
  2. Sizing Help and Examples
  3. History of Alden Shoes
  4. Have some Aldens? How should I care for them?
  5. Miscellaneous and Fun Information