Alden Color 8 Plaza Tassels

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  1. PC says:


    May I ask, did you take your usual Plaza size, or went down half a size?

    Many thanks!

    • Mike says:


      Gladly! I actually wear these in the exact same size that I wear all of my Plaza shoes/boots, 11B. I was a little nervous about fit, because I had never been able to try on a pair of Plaza Loafers before, but they fit like a champ!


      • PC says:

        Many many thanks Mike!!

      • Landon says:

        How noticible is the hand stitching on the vamps when compared to the 563s? Also, if you could only own one color 8 tassel (D7102 or 563), which would it be?

        • Mike says:


          Thank you very much for your inquiry and interest! Frankly, the hand stitching is probably not the most noticeable compared to other Alden models. As an enthusiast, I definitely notice the fact the work, but any normal person probably wouldn’t even give it a second thought. That is partially due to the smaller quantity of stitching and it is partially because the tassels themselves are the thing that mainly catches the eye.

          The main difference between the D7102 is the antique edging. The other two main difference is the Plaza Last and the Hand Stitching. Frankly, the main driver to me is again the Antique Edge. I would recommend one over the other based upon the intended uses that you have for your tassels. If you want something that goes well with denim, khakis, and occasionally slacks, then the D7102 is definitely for you. If you want something that goes well with slacks, suits, and occasionally khakis, then the 563 is for you. Another thing to consider is the Lasts and which one fits you better, between the Plaza and the Aberdeen.

          I hope that this helps you!


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