Alden Color #8 Indy

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  1. Vincent says:

    Sale price?

    • Mike says:

      I would have to check, but I got them from Alden Madison and you should be able to see them on Hope that helps!


  2. Rob says:

    I have PTBs in every color shell, as well as 403s. I’m working on converting the 99x’s to neocork. This is all to say that I love Alden, shell, and neocork. I recently took delivery of a pair of 40538H that should be the ideal combo of these attributes, but I struggle to incorporate them into my rotation. Never meet your heros?

    • Mike says:


      Thank you so much for your comment! These Color #8 Indy Boots really are something to special, and I love your parallel to a hero! In my personal opinion, due to the Neocork/Antique-ish Edge and the Trubalance Last, these are about a 3 of 10 on the formality scale. Based upon that, I typically would pair these with a nice pair of denim or possibly khakis. I love the look of #8 against indigo and these are just totally perfect for that. But if you need to go with a khaki, I think that you really can!

      Hope that helps and I hope that you enjoy your pair! It sounds like you have a great collection going with the Shell PTB rainbow and Indys!


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