Alden Color #8 6-Eyelet Norwegian Split Toe Chukka Boot

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  1. Will Harris says:

    Beautiful collection Sir! I love the NST boot. I wear 9.5D in the Barrie and it fits perfectly. I ordered a 10D in the Plaza last and while the width seemed fine, they seemed to run long and my foot would slide a bit. Especially with thinner socks. In your opinion, should I try a 9.5D in the Plaza, or maybe try the Aberdeen last in a 10D? I own the Tanker (9.5D Barrie last) in black shell cordovan, but it looks so much nicer in the Plaza last. My apologies for being long winded, I just wanted to pick your brain. Cheers!

    • Mike says:

      Interesting, the traditional logic is to go 9.5D Barrie and then 10D Plaza or Aberdeen. You could try 10D Aberdeen, it should be just a pidge narrower than the Plaza as the Aberdeen is Alden’s narrowest last. You could alternatively seem out and try a 10C on Plaza to see how that feels. I personally feel like enough people don’t explore widths frequently enough.


  2. Will Harris says:

    Thank you Mike. I worried about going down in width though, as the boot fit well width-wise. It was the length that seemed to be the issue. My foot had more space in the toe box of the boot with the Plaza last. That’s why I was considering dropping to a 9.5D. The Aberdeen may solve that issue being the narrower last. But I do like the look of the Plaza last better… LOL! Thanks again.

  3. Hernandez says:

    Where in NYC can I buy this chukka .?
    Thank you in advance

    • Mike says:

      Unfortunately, to my knowledge, this boot has only been offered by Brick and Mortar in Seattle. To get a Chukka boot in general, you could try one of the major NYC stores including Alden Madison and Leffot.


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